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Winner of the prestigious NUTRACON / NutrAward® for "Best New Product in the F&B Industry at Natural Products Expo West


Created the world's first Functional Chocolate® incorporating South American raw superfoods and patented nutraceutical ingredients offering targeted evidence-based nutrition.  We have partnered with nutraceutical giants such as Maypro Industries, Ganeden, Martek, Cargill, Biothera, Fuji Health, Mitsubishi Foods, Kemin Health, DSM, etc., focusing on:   Anti-Aging  I  Cardio & Heart  I  Bone & Joint  I  Energy  I  Weight Management  I  Cognitive Support  I  Digestive Health  I  Beauty From Within.


The result is a first-to-market, deliciously complex, and socially responsible Functional Chocolate® at a competitive price point.  We are a Boise, Idaho based, vertically integrated business; which means we control our product from concept to delivery.


Our team is fantastic, we'd like to share them with you.



Founder & CEO | Superfood Entrepreneur

Paul Frantellizzi, is a Boise-based Superfood Entrepreneur. Paul is a passionate and motivational leader with results oriented entrepreneurial vision and a unique ability to bring great value to every relationship and business opportunity.


A former native of NYC, Paul has a 30+ year history and experience with start-ups, executive management, the organic food industry, two-term mayor, police commissioner, filmmaker, and a national sales and marketing director for Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. Prior to GOOD SUPERFOODS™, he founded the country’s first organic vending distribution company (NextGen Vending®), and developed that industry’s first PLA based biodegradable water bottle (Earthpure Organics®). Now, he leads the team at GOOD SUPERFOODS™ and NutriWelle™, developing new nutrient-rich chocolate/ functional snacks, and directing corporate strategy as Chief Executive Officer. His beautiful family, core values, sense of community, and a powerful work ethic inspire Paul to be his best everyday. Paul’s favorite product is the Triple Cacao Energy Nutrient Bar (which he developed), and his favorite ingredient is D-Ribose. If Paul was stuck on a desert island, he would no doubt start a company!


Co-Founder | General Manager

Pam is the Co-Founder and General Manager of Good Superfoods. Her background and education is primarily centered around the arts: Museum, Textile Collections, and Photography. She has had the opportunity to wear many, many hats since the inception of Good Superfoods. It began as a small company started in Paul and Pam’s home kitchen in 2010. Since then they have experienced very fast paced growth, leading them to where they are today - a  dynamic, innovative company with a great team culture and a family of products that they are incredibly proud of.


Apart from Good Superfoods, Pam’s family and friends are paramount in her life. She loves food and art. It's almost impossible for her to pick a favorite Superfood product because they are all so fantastic! Currently, Pam is in love with our Cocoa Mocha COFFEEBERRY® Superfood Chocolate bar - it's delicious! If she were stranded on a desert island. Pam would take her beautiful family (which includes her best girl friends), a camera, and Superfood Chocolate of course!


Senior VP of Research and Development | Executive Chef

Chef Jennifer oversees our Superfood Innovation Center™ team in the development of superfood-based, functional products. She graduated with highest honors from Johnson & Wales University, one of the leading culinary arts schools in the industry. Jen met Paul and Pam right before they started building out the Good Superfoods Production Facility that included the Superfood Innovation Center, her hub for innovation and creativity. Jen started with a very small lab and a very big desire to make delicious, functional products. Today, the entire development team works closely together to continue that mission.

Jen is a very busy person already, but in addition to her career she spends her time raising a Superfood Baby! Her daughter, Charlotte, keeps her busy, but she also love trying new restaurants and spending time with her husband and their Border Collies. As a baker, Jen says that PlantSWEET® is her favorite Superfood product because it delivers extra fiber and almost no sugar. If Jen were stuck on a desert island she would bring a luxury tent, a flint, and a solar powered satellite phone for when she is ready to go back home.


Innovation Lab Manager

Melonie completed the Le Cordon Bleu Baking and Patisserie program at the California School of Culinary Arts and after years of baking and Chocolatier experience, Melonie wanted to explore a different side of the food industry - something that would push her to think outside the box. When she saw that Good Superfoods was looking for team members, she couldn't think of a better place to start her journey.


Melonie is as funny as she is creative and if she isn’t managing the Innovation Lab, you’ll find her spending time with her husband, her friends, or hitting the gym. The Spicy Mango Chocolate Bark and Triple Cacao Energy Nutrient Bar are tied as her favorite Superfood products, so you’ll have to try them both! If Melonie was stuck on a desert island she would be sure to bring sunscreen, her favorite 80’s music playlist, and her favorite book.


VP of Planning and Strategic Development

As VP of Strategic Development, Will assists in the long-term management and development of the corporate culture at Good Superfoods | NutriWelle. Previously, Will had successful careers as a diplomat as well as a trial lawyer. Will joined the Good Superfoods team primarily as an unpaid voice of knowledge because he is a true believer in the long term goals of the company and wanted to get involved.


Will is a fun-loving intellectual. When he’s not working you will find him spending quality time with his sons. He would gladly recommend the Mandarin Orange SCULPT Superfood Chocolate Bar and if he were stuck on a desert island he would be sure to have James Joyce’s Ulysses, his MP3 Player, and the lovely Miss Elisabeth Shue.


National Marketing and Sales Manager

Stephanie oversees Good Superfoods’ Marketing and Sales department which includes a little bit of everything. From private label sales and innovation to finished product retail sales and promotions, she wears many hats. Stephanie landed an internship with Good Superfoods while working on her undergraduate education at Oregon State University. After graduation she was hired as the Executive Assistant to the CEO and quickly moved up to her current management position.


Stephanie is an avid cyclist, skier, and yogi. Growing up in beautiful and scenic Idaho expanded her curiosity into a love for adventure, travel, and nature. If she isn’t out exploring you can find her fiddling on a violin or playing with her favorite furry friend - Moose the cat. She loves the Triple Cacao Energy Nutrient Bar and would recommend it to anyone looking to fuel their next adventure! If Steph was stranded to that desert island, she would bring Moose the cat, a solar powered boat, and a sustainable energy source.


Sales Account Mananger

Brett manages large private label and retail clients and assists our National Marketing and Sales Manager as well as our CEO. Brett started a business when he was only 18 years old lending him a creative passion for entrepreneurship. When his business closed after 5 years he joined the Good Superfoods team in an unconventional way. Brett applied for another position, during the interview the CEO noticed his extensive retail sales background and hired him as a valuable addition to the sales team instead!


Brett is a bit of a goofball who likes to have fun and crack jokes. On the flip side he is also a hard-worker and very invested in his job. If Brett isn’t in the office, he’s outside doing what he loves - running, biking, hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, and rafting. Brett’s favorite Superfood product is the Triple Cacao Energy Nutrient Bar. He swears this bar rocks his world and keeps him going on days when he is feeling a mid-day slump. If Brett was stranded on that desert island he would be sure to have a hammock, a nice fire, and his favorite drink.


Senior Production Manager

As Senior Production Manager, Jason oversees the main production floor and team on a daily basis - including the chocolate, food bar, and powder manufacturing areas. Jason, being the laid back person he is, says that fate and destiny steered him into this magical place we call Good Superfoods. He is thankful for the failures he has encountered throughout his life because they allowed him to learn and to grow to the person he is today!


If Jason isn’t managing production at Good Superfoods, you’ll most likely find him playing 18 holes or enjoying the other outdoor beauties that Idaho has to offer. He is a big fan of the Superfood Chocolate Lemon Ginger IMMUNITY bar as well as the Triple Cacao Energy Nutrient Bar. So, it comes to no surprise that if he were stuck on a desert island, he would bring Ginger Ale, Triple Cacao Energy Nutrient Bars, and his dog (and also a volleyball named Wilson).


Operations Manager

Misty is the liaison between all the departments - she ensures the superfood team stays on track with interdepartmental communication and plenty of spreadsheets! Her laid-back tendencies along with her upbeat personality allows her to work well with many different personalities, so her position fits her and she fits her position. Back when Misty was looking to make a career change out of retail, she quickly discovered Good Superfoods was the place she wanted to be.


If Misty isn’t busy keeping operations flowing smoothly, you will find her reading or spending time with friends and family. She highly recommends both the Superfood Chocolate Cocoa Mocha COFFEEBERRY® bar and Toasted Coconut Omega-3 Life’sDHA® bar. If Misty was stranded on a desert island, she would bring her favorite books, Scrappy the dog, and her family.


Finance Manager

Most of us could use some financial management in our lives, so Good Superfoods is grateful to have Amy as the company Finance Manager. Believe it or not, Amy joined the Superfood crew by answering a post on craigslist and *Voula!* - she’s a star.  Amy is a great addition to the team with her outgoing personality and sense of humor.


If you don’t see Amy managing the company finances, you’ll find her with her kids, reading, or traveling the world. Her favorite Good Superfood product is Mandarin Orange SCULPT Superfood Chocolate bar, so make sure to try that one! If Amy was stuck on a desert island she would bring some diet coke for sipping, chocolate for munching, and her kids for having fun in the sun.

Good Superfoods Production Team